Transactional Analysis Models – 2017 Program

Thursday 17th August: Ego-states and Transactions

1st Order Structural Model

2nd Order Structural Model

Functional Model

Complimentary Transactions

Crossed Transactions

Ulterior Transactions

Thursday 14th September: Co-dependency from a TA perspective

(Some familiarity with the ego-state model is useful, but not essential)

1st Order symbiosis

2nd Order symbiosis

Thursday 26th October: Stroke Theory

Types of strokes

Stroke filter

Stroke quotient

Stroke economy

Internal stroking pattern

Stroke patterns and self-esteem

Stroke balance in relationships

Thursday 16th November: Rackets & Stamps

Describing feelings; composite feelings

Rackets (substitute feelings)

Stamps (suppressed feelings)

Each workshop offers 2½ hours CPD and costs £25

(includes refreshments and CPD certificate)

Trainer: Dena Darling is a Certified Transactional Analyst and an endorsed TA101 Instructor.

She is registered with U.K.C.P. and works in private practice.

For further details telephone 01394 278887, mobile 07787 980281 or email dena@dena.org.uk

For booking form please go to: http://www.dena.org.uk/Pages/ProgramBookingForm.doc

Counselling Status Fully Qualified