The 8 week Mindfulness Training Courses

  IPSWICH: 1st meeting: Monday 25 September – 7-9 pm

Quay Place Wellness Centre, Ipswich IP4 1BZ

WOODBRIDGE: 1st meeting: Tuesday 26 September – 5.30-7.30pm

Framfield Medical Centre, Woodbridge IP12 4FD

 These hybrid courses offering an integration of the MBSR and the MBCT; the courses that have produced compelling research outcomes in the management of chronic conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain and depression.

 The eight-week course could be considered as a “boot camp” for people who are hoping to cultivate and maintain the mindfulness perspective. Over the course of 8 weeks there is a growing sense of solidarity and mutual support amongst the group of fellow travellers. We will all know that it can be a struggle to learn ‘good habits’ – it’s only human to shy away from our best intentions and in the weekly debriefs we quickly learn that it’s not just us! We learn from each other, from the course materials and – essentially – from our experiences, between the weekly meetings, of attempting to establish a daily practice and the sharing of those leaning experiences.

In 2004, 20 years after diving deep into my own personal mindfulness practice via the Buddhist tradition, I began teaching the MBSR course from the Ruby Centre in Felixstowe. Offering 3 courses per year, I began to incorporate the newly emerging MBCT variant of the course and I now offer a hybrid of these two courses. They are considered the ‘gold standard’ approach to mindfulness training – it was outcome data from these courses that led to a so-called mindfulness revolution. Mindfulness has recently been promoted out from the new age, esoteric, hippy closet, via the scientifically VALIDATED route, to “MacMindfulness” for everything! A new, sellable, self-help method – new packaging, new marketing, new experts.

Both extremes are potentially off-putting. But it is reassuring to hear from the research on the original training groups that most people completing eight-week mindfulness courses report that they gain lasting benefits, such as:

more energy and enthusiasm

a greater capacity for relaxation

enhanced self-confidence

an increased ability to handle stressful situations

more focus

greater sensitivity to others

More generally speaking this course offers strategies working towards an optimisation of the human condition: greater resilience, vitality, more engagement with others, life, work and creativity.  Many participate for the purpose of personal development, or continuous professional development, CPD.

Martin Wilks, Chartered Psychologist & Mindfulness teacherhas been teaching mindfulness since 1989; and this is the 14’th year the course has been offered here in East Suffolk.

Do give me a ring to discuss before booking: 07950 802613, email inquiries to martin@martinwilks.com 
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