Glossary of Terms

Anorexia Nervosa

Characterised by fear of losing control of appetite and body size, together with steady reduction of food intake, often leading to emaciation.


A feeling of uneasiness, inner tension, apprehension or even fear.

Bach Flower Therapy

Uses flower essence to gently encourage emotional balance. The remedies do not work directly on the physical level, but rather on a person’s mood or state of mind.

Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage is concerned with the integration of mind and body. It involves a broad range of techniques that work not only at the physical level of skin, tissue, muscle and bone, but also at the more subtle level of energy flow in the body.

Bulimia Nervosa

An obsession with body size and weight together with over-eating and the use of vomiting as a means of weight control. Laxative abuse and excessive exercise may also be a feature.

Compulsive Eating

An obsession with body size and weight, coupled with eating uncontrollably with emotional rather than physical hunger.


Feelings of sadness, isolation and anxiety leading to difficulties in coping with life.


A subtle, inner process identified by Eugene Gendlin as a result of research into what people were ‘doing’ who benefited most from psychotherapy. Focusing may be taught, or used in counselling to bring a friendly attention to the felt sense experienced in the centre of the body which leads to a series of shifts.



Addressing every aspect of a person’s life – emotional, mental, social, spiritual and physical.


A system of medicine which aims to work with the body, giving highly dilute remedies to stimulate a healing response. Emphasis is placed on assessing the individual as a whole, in body, mind and spirit. The therapy was established by Samuel Hahnemann in the eighteenth century.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

A disease characterised by muscle fatigue, body pain, chronic exhaustion, severe flu like symptoms and digestion problems.

Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT)

A specifically structured approach to inner child work, which deals with the parent, child and adult aspects of people to create inner harmony and balance.


Sexual problems of psychological origin.


Of mind and body as a unit: concerned with physical diseases having emotional component.


A term which denotes a range of methods which deal with emotional problems, all of which try to help the client in changing, to better understand her or himself, and help to explore new ways of behaving.


A condition that affects the most basic mental functions that give people the sense of individuality, uniqueness and direction. It can cause people to hallucinate, hear voices, develop feelings of bewilderment or fear and believe that their deepest thoughts, feelings and acts may be known to, or controlled by, others.

Time Line Therapy (TLT)

A method of accessing memories, decisions and experiences which adversely affect our lives and making positive adjustments.

Transpersonal Psychology

Acknowledges human spiritual capacity, our potential for wholeness, and the expansion of consciousness. Jung, Maslow and Assagioli were pioneers in this field. Transpersonal Counselling may include working with dreams, myths, symbols and images.