SAC Advertising Policy

Sponsored Ads

The Sponsored Ads section is open to counselling related charities and nationally recognised counselling organisations and professional bodies accredited by professional counselling bodies. The criteria being that they are related to counselling and psychotherapy (eg not alternative therapies / remedies etc). These to be charged at £50 annual fee.

Please Visit the Payment Page to pay for your Sponsored Advertising


Classified Ads

Classified Ads may include:

  • Counselling Rooms to Rent
  • Second Hand Counselling Books for Sale
  • Counselling Charity Events
  • Vacancies for Counsellors

These to be charged at £4.50 per advert per month (or £50 for a full year) or free for charities.

Please visit the Payment Page to pay for your Classified Advertising

SAC Logo

Practitioner members of the SAC are entitled to use the SAC logo on their own Websites if they wish.  Please be sure to remove it again should you leave the Association.

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