General Responsibilities


Your SAC Committee is responsible for:

  • Appointing a delegate/s to manage membership, training events, production of the Directory and news and articles on the website.
  • Ensuring that a person/s with the adequate knowledge and skills undertake the work in each of the above areas.
  • Approving and allocating out of SAC funds such resources needed by the performance of these roles.
  • Agreeing clear financial arrangements for those carrying out the work.

For further information about the role and function of the SAC Committee, please see the Constitution.

Current Committee as of January 2017


Chairperson – Robina Scott

Deputy Chair (appointed by Chairperson) – Caroline Kent

Finance Co-ordinator (Treasurer) – Linda Baxter

Minute Secretary – Philippa Davey

Directory Co-ordinator – Greg Radcliffe

Membership Co-ordinator – Paula Latimer 

Student Membership Co-ordinator – Ellen Friend

CPD Co-ordinator(s)– Natalija Stevens, Paula Latimer, Ellen Friend

Website Manager – Caroline Kent

Newsletter Editor – Greg Radcliffe

Committee Member without portfolio – Ella Bouwmeester

Robina Scott

Robina Scott

Caroline Kent

Caroline Kent

Greg Radcliffe

Greg Radcliffe









Linda Baxter

Paula Latimer













  • To chair Committee Meetings and General Meetings and to speak or write officially on behalf of the Association as necessary.CHAIR
  • To Co-ordinate the activities of the SAC Committee and delegate projects and tasks as required.


  • The role of the minute secretary shall be to take and
    keep minutes of Committee meetings securely.


  • Paid role (while SAC can reasonably afford to employ an
  • to write and receive letters reports or correspondence to and
    from the Association,
  • to distribute notices of SAC CPD events, Training
    Provider events,
  • collaborate with and assist Treasurer


  • To liaise with the administrator (who does most of the treasurer role) The role of the treasurer shall be to keep financial records on a
    regular basis, report to the Committee on the financial affairs of the Association and prepare figures to be examined independently prior to the AGM. This role being an area where expertise is important and in accordance with 7.5 of this constitution, it has been agreed that in the event of being unable to fill this role at the AGM, the committee can assign tasks to the Administrator as long as a member of the Committee takes the responsibility for the role of Treasurer.


  • Organising the production of the Directory in accordance with this procedure.
  • Reviewing the Directory distribution list and implementing any agreed changes.
  • Reporting on the Directory at each SAC Committee meeting and to the wider membership by compiling an Annual Report for discussion at the AGM.
  • Evaluating and reviewing the Directory processes including this procedure and making recommendations for change to the SAC Committee.


  • Evaluating and reviewing membership procedures and making recommendations to the SAC Committee.
  • Maintenance of membership records.


  • Overseeing the management of the website and keeping it up-dated, by communicating with the Directory &  Membership Officers & with Sharward Services.


  • Organising CPD & Training events for the membership (open to non-members too)  at affordable rates.
  • Publicising these events to the membership via the Newsletter, website and mail-outs to members.